Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Last month I did an apartment tour of the main space in the apartment my friend and I moved into in May. I hadn't gotten my bedroom the way I wanted it yet, so I held off on sharing that with you all until now. I did the final touches this week and now it's ready to share with all you lovelies!

My room has been much the same for the past year now (despite moving), but I still make little tweaks to it all the time. I keep my room with a white, pink, and blue palette. I still have a few items that I've had since freshman year that are green or black. Since my apartment is on campus, it comes furnished with a wood desk, bed, and wardrobe so that's also a little off palette as well. Still, I've worked really hard to make my bedroom my own space and am really happy with the way it looks.

On Campus College Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Now on to the tour!

You open the door to my bedroom and the first space you see in it is my desk area. I spend a lot of time at it doing my own personal projects and of course working on school assignments, so I like to have some bits of inspiration around it as well as all of the practical things I will need when I'm working.

Next up we'll look at my little entertainment/closet space. I have some DIY word art I made last school year and a mirror above my TV. I keep all the little gifts I get from my friends and family, like the angel figurines and owls, in this area as well.

On my wardrobe I attached some (supposedly) removable mirrors to add a more personal touch to the wardrobe doors and I use the area above my wardrobe to store things

Next to the wardrobe I have my little bed area. I have a pink tray I just picked up from Target this weekend. Right now it holds this owl (which has a candle inside) and my remotes. I have a lamp I grabbed from the storage room at home and some more word art I made hanging by the clock. I hung a heart shaped dream catcher I bought on vacation above my bed. The bedding is a combination of pillows my mom sew for me, pillows I've purchased, and a light blanket I pulled out of the storage room (that place is a gold mine).

Finally, I have a vintage chair I found at a garage sale and my inspiration/photo wall next to my bed.

Do you have a small space like this for your bedroom/office/dressing area? How do you style your bedroom?

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