Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Summer officially starts next Sunday, and I've been working on a summer bucket list. You'd think I would've made one earlier, but with my first summer class starting a week after Spring Semester ended and just now enjoying my first full week off in June, I just haven't made one yet. 

Go on a vacation with the family. I love travelling. We missed our annual family vacation last year, so I'm really looking forward to it this summer.

Stationary Shopping Spree. You have no idea how badly I am dying to do this. I love buying at Etsy shops online, but there's something really magical about walking into a stationary store and coming out with a bag full of goodies.

Photo from Broadway World

See Idina Menzel. My friend and  I bought tickets for one of her concerts in December and I am so excited to finally get to see her in August.

Spend a day at the lake. I’m not a huge water person (I really prefer the mountains to the beach), but I would love to spend a day at the lake this summer. My family has a couple of kayaks, so I'd love to go kayaking and have a picnic at the lake.

Read a book. I feel so bogged down during the school year that I never end up reading for fun, even though I really enjoy a good book. I have a bunch of books on my reading list. Hopefully I'll make it through at least one of them.

Catch up on scrapbooking. I need to finish up my 2014 scrapbook and start on my scrapbook for this year. I have a lot of pictures to go through on my computer and get printed.