Friday, June 19, 2015

Room Organization Diaries: Day 2

The second section of my room I chose to organize was the back corner. I had all of my shoes piled up next to the container I keep my shoes in (yeah, it was a mess), an empty black makeup organizer, a broken guitar stand (don't even know how that happened), and all sorts of other stuff.

The first and most difficult part of this was dealing with the shoe container. It had stationary junk all over it, the shoes in the container were thrown in chaotically, and the rest of the shoes were sitting in a pile next to it.  I took everything out of the box and sorted my shoes into boots, closed shoes, and sandals. Then I took everything off the top and did some deep cleaning with the container. I used Lysol Wipes to wipe down the white part of the container and rinsed out the boxes.

While all that dried I took out all of the canvases I've painted over the years. I went online to see if there was a better way to store them, but I only found what I was already doing (a DIY art portfolio) or storing them in a box. I'm just sticking with my current set up for now and keeping all of my canvases in DIY art portfolios behind the shoe box.

With everything out of that spot, I vacuumed then put back the shoe container and organized my stationary a bit better by throwing out what I didn't need and putting everything where it belonged.

I glanced over my art/craft bookshelf because that's pretty much organized. I had some photos to take put in an album and that was really it. I put the empty makeup organizer and an extra photo frame in the donation pile I have going in my room. I put the broken guitar stand next to my trash so I can take it out. 

The other white containers I have I wiped down as well. I realized I could put all the stuff I currently have in 6 drawers in 2, so now I have just the larger container with a photo of me and my sister on it.

Other changes:
I took 2 photos I had sitting on my shoe container and put them in the frames I had stashed in my dresser.

I also have a grand total of 3 empty drawers that I need to figure out what to do with.