Friday, June 12, 2015

Room Organization Diaries: Day 1

In my home I like being clean and organized, but my bedroom at my parents' house never is. "Why not?" you may ask. Because I don't consider it my home anymore. At this point I spend less than 6 months of the year at my parents' house, and mostly it's just weekends. 

Another reason is because when I do come home I drop the stuff I brought with me on the floor and let stuff pile up because I feel like I need to spend time with my family. It's also getting pretty unorganized because half of my clothes I have there are from high school. I'm not the same person or size as I was then, so that's pretty problematic, too.

So why am I cleaning and organizing now? I'm doing it now because I will be living at home for the month of June while I'm between summer classes  and I don't want to feel like I'm living in a slob's house. I also noticed this wonderful organizing chalenge being sponsored by iHeart Organizing which adds a little extra inspiration to my organizing adventures. 

My plan for taking on this challenge with my room is to deep clean and organize it one section at a time. The first section of my room I chose to clean was my dresser.

To start I took everything off the dresser top and organized it into piles. The traditional trash, donate, keep piles don't really help me, so I used my own piling system. My piles were: trash, decorations, things to stay on the dresser, things I need to do something with, need to find a home, things that belong somewhere else, and things that need to go back home to my apartment.

Once everything was off the dresser and sorted properly, I dusted the dresser-top and cleaned the mirrors.
Next I arranged the decorations on my dresser and placed the things I wanted to keep on my dresser: sunglasses and a planning station.

Then it was time to deal with all the other piles. I put the items in the remaining piles in a good spots for the time being. For instance my planner box, scissors, and pens went on my stationary shelf, which desperately needs organized as well, but at least it's in the right area now.

Organizing the Drawers

When organizing my two "junk" drawers, I put everything into piles (again). This time my piles were frames, candy, random items, and more stationary.  With the frames I tried to assess if they still worked for me or if they needed to go to the thrift store as I've had them for years. With the random items I had to figure out if I even needed them or not. Like a random remote? I don't even know what TV it goes to, but it's in my room.

When organizing my clothing I tried on each and every piece of clothing. It either fit, or it didn't. I have so many pairs of clothes that either don't fit or I don't like wearing, so I was willing to get rid of some things.

Result of organizing: I was able to combine several of my drawers and now I have an extra one.