Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On The Road Must Haves

Summer time means family vacations. My family travels by car, so that means long hours in tight quarters for all of us. You have to have things to do, so here are my must have for family vacations on the road.

A good book. I love reading and best of all it doesn't require wifi.
Sunglasses. These are a must have for bright sun streaming through the windows.
Snacks. I love food. There's nothing worse than an empty stomach and parents refusing to stop for a quick snack break. Ya gotta carry your own!
Water bottle. It comes in handy in the car and later on the trip. Plus, there are so many cute water bottles! I could buy them all.
Bullet journal and diary. I am a bullet journal junkie and I love writing in my diary every day. For vacation I'm planning on recording fun things that happen in both of these notebooks and keeping any keepsake tidbits in them, too.
Headphones. Very important for when you need your own space in the car. And for when your dad refuses to play music from the current century.
Magazines. Reading material is essential. I prefer DIY and decorating magazines. I always find so many good ideas in them.
Cell phone. Because who goes anywhere without one.
Camera. You never know when you'll drive by some pretty scenery or stop the car to check out an amazing viewpoint. Or you can just capture the chaos of the car and take some selfies.
Comfy sandals. I usually take off my shoes during long car rides, so I need shoes that are easy to slip on and easy to slip off.
iPad. I keep a few games and apps on my iPad that don't require internet so I can entertain myself on that during road trips.
Tote Bag. To carry everything in.

What are your on the road must haves?