Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How I Use My Bullet Journal

I first found out about bullet journals through Tumblr. There are so many great examples on that site of how to personalize and use bullet journals to help you stay organized, keep all your ideas in one spot, and all of the other wonderful reasons people keep bullet journals. If you're interested in the original version and info about bullet journals from the creator, who describes a bullet journal as a way to "organize the present, record the past, and plan for the future,"you can check out this website. I would also recommend checking out the blog Tiny Ray of Sunshine because she does a ton of posts on bullet journalling and is even doing a whole series on how to get started.

I started bullet journalling in April. I wasn't really sure if I would stick to it or not, so I just took an old notebook I wasn't using to start. I pinned and tumblred and googled all sorts of examples of bullet journals, and went at it.

The notebook has a folder when you first open it up, so I've stuck a couple star stickers in there (you'll see what I use them for later) and sticky notes. I made a cute cover page and a pretty elaborate key - of which I use about 5 symbols.

I like making my monthly pages simple with a list of major events and holidays and my goals for the month. This month I decided to implement something I found on Pinterest and make a challenge page to keep track of my progress with my 2 big goals: drinking less soda and spending less money.

I started doing a weekly view last month, and I really like it. Again, I like keeping it simple by listing out the tasks I want/need to accomplish that week. I have these tasks organized by category: family, class, personal, and home.

For the daily view I write the day of the week and date at the top. I set up the page in the morning and write down the main tasks and appointments I have that day. 

This page helps me feel so organized throughout the day because I can look at what I need to get done, add assignments for class, and write down videos to look up later, or topics to look into. That is what I think is really great about the bullet journal system - instead of going crazy trying to remember everything, I can just write it down and know I have it all in one, safe place I can look back at later.

Then in the back I keep a few ongoing lists. I have an inspiration wall for quotes I like, a list of major events that go on throughout the year, my morning routine, and a few other lists. I wish I used this section of my bullet journal more, but I really just forget about it a lot.

Do you have a bullet journal? How do you use it?

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