Thursday, June 4, 2015

Homestead Trip

Last weekend my brother and I went to the Homestead National Monument for a little day trip. The museum is all about the Homestead Act - the people who settled and farmed the land through the Homestead Act and the Native Americans who lost their land as a result of it. I felt the museum did a good job of giving a glimpse of life for both the settlers and Natives. They had lots of information about how the Native American tribes were treated as inferior and basically robbed of their land and information on how the Homestead Act benefited immigrants and recently freed African-Americans.

The museum was interesting - and I wanted to go because I was learning about the Homestead Act in my American History class - but what we really loved were the trails. They have land devoted to conserving the natural wildlife of the area so the trails were beautiful. My brother and I had fun taking photos and being outside.

My brother and I both thought it was a really beautiful area and we learned a lot at the museum. It was a great way to learn about history and enjoy nature.