Saturday, May 30, 2015

Life Lately

I've been trying to make it to the gym when I'm home on the weekends. I thought I would be able to go for walks around campus, but it's been raining like everyday so that hasn't really worked. I've cut back on soda and watching what I'm eating more, so I have lost 5 pounds this month. I bought a new gym outfit to celebrate my little achievement.

My mom's birthday was last Wednesday, so we celebrated it last Saturday when I was home. I set up the table for her birthday with some frosted sugar cookies, birthday napkins, her card and present from me, and a bright table cloth. 

On the few sunny days we've had around here, I went for walks outside. My family's old dog went for a walk with me in the pasture at home and I got some nice photos of our barn. Some days I can really appreciate the country life.

I've also appreciated all of the flowers blooming, like these cute peonies.

And of course I've been doing LOTS of studying with my summer class. I have one more week left, and then I'm already done with American History! It's so crazy how quickly we go through all of this information. We have four weeks to get through Pre-Columbian America all the way through the 21st century.

What's your life been like lately?