Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life Lately

May is here! It's a busy month for me, but I've been enjoying my time. I had a week off of school and now I'm back at college for a summer class.

During my week off I enjoyed being a little lazy relaxing. I spent some time with my family and grandparents, went to my siblings' high school art show, and did a little shopping.

Went for a cruise with my dad in his 1969 Impala - aka his pride and joy. I don't understand what thrills him about this car, but it's his thing. My dad and I got on exceptionally well during my week at home.

I went to the local used book store with my brother and picked up four books for less than $4. It's a book lover's paradise.

I am totally obsessed with all of the flowers blooming right now. I took a billion pictures of all the flowers at home and at the stores.

After my week relaxing, I'm back at college and I've been busy ever since I got here Friday. I moved from one apartment to another this weekend. Friday I packed up stuff in my old apartment so that way I would be ready to go when my Dad and brother came in town to help me move on Saturday. Saturday I did some more packing. I felt a little sad taking everything off the wall, even though I was ready to move on to a new place.

Saturday my dad, brother, and I moved my stuff into my new apartment (after scrubbing it down) and grabbed lunch before they left. I got my stuff organized for the most part and my flatmate/best friend moved in. I'm really excited to be living with her during our last year here.

Sunday I put up the decorations in my room and ran to a couple stores with my friend for apartment necessities. We met up with her family (who live closer) for Mother's Day at Olive Garden.

Monday was the first day of class. I'm taking American History and class starts at 7:30 am. Getting up at 6:30 is a little difficult for me, but I'm making it to class on time. History is my minor so I'm enjoying the class, which makes it easier to wake up so early, pay attention in class, and get the assignments done.

So that's what my life looks like right now. What's been going on in your life lately?