Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Goals Update

I can't believe April has already flown by. I feel like it was just January and I was setting goals for a new year, bundling up to go outside and prepping for another semester. But here it is already May 2 and I'm reviewing how I'm doing on my goals 4 months into the new year, walking outside in shorts and t-shirts, and enjoying a week off of school before starting a couple summer courses.

Focus on the positive. March was ROUGH, but I feel like April has been a pretty good month. I've managed to stay positive through finals, weird roommate stuff, stressful classes, and the regular ups and downs of life. When I start to zone in on the negative stuff, I just remind myself its a part of life, but that there are many other wonderful things going on, too. The last week or two I noticed I'm not being as aware as I need to be to stay inspired, so I've been making it a point to look around at nature as I walk to class and take pictures of the little things that make me happy.

Be content and spend less. I feel like I've been rocking at this goal in April. March, as mentioned earlier, was rough so I did a little retail therapy. In April I really felt like I have everything I need and when I went out shopping I didn't find much that I absolutely loved. When I'm out and thinking about buying something I ask myself if it will make me happier or make my life easier/better in some way. Usually the answer is no, I want it just because. When that's my answer I know I want it to just fill a void that I need to fix on my own.

Stress less, smile more. This goal is pretty difficult for me. I can't help but stress over getting all my assignments done, being there for my family and friends, and what the future holds. It's really hard for me not to stress and obsess over little setbacks. I've been working on this though. When I notice myself starting to stress I remind myself that I can't control the future by worrying about it or ask myself what is really the worse that can happen. Really, what's the worst possible outcome if I hand in an assignment late? The teacher takes a few point off? I miss ONE grade? I can bounce back from those little setback.  Plus, they won't affect my future in the grand scheme of things.

Study French. This has definitely been on the back burner. I have not studied French once in April...unless we count listening to French rap. I've passively listened to French and thought a little in French, but I haven't actively studied, learned, or improved in French. I'm hoping this summer I'll make some gains on this goal and make it a part of my daily routine so I can continue it in to the fall semester.

Write daily in a diary. I've had some weeks where I try to write about each day at the end of the week, and that usually fails. I don't remember the little things that made each day good at the end of the week and the days run together so I'm not even sure if it happened on Wednesday or Thursday. I have been writing in my bullet journal everyday and getting into listing everyday thanks to the Reset Girl, so I am adding more forms of journaling into the mix.