Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On The Go Essentials

We all have those things we just can't leave the house without. Being on the go all the time to classes, study sessions, and a few fun things in between, these are my must haves for when I'm out and about.

Travel Mug. I'm always thirsty and I just like having a drink to sip on.

Chapstick. Because dry lips are never fun.

Wallet. You never know when you'll need to buy something or an emergency will happen.

Phone. Because who leaves the house without it?

Ear buds. For listening to music or watching a video clip.

Camera. A picture perfect moment can happen at any time.

Bullet Journal.  There's always something to add: a song to listen to, a new assignments, something to buy.

Sunglasses. Bright sunny spring days call for sunnies.
Pen(s). You always need one.

Hand sanitizer. For clean hands.

What are your essentials when you're out and about?