Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lessons I've Learned in College

Finals are coming up next week and that means the end of another school year is nearing. As I'm ending my third year of college, I've been super busy and I've honestly been more focused on school than taking care of myself and doing things that I enjoy.

I've also been thinking about all of the things I've learned in college. I've learned a lot in my classes, sure, but I've also learned a lot about life from living on my own, growing, learning about others, exploring, and seeing the world. 

These are some of the lessons I've learned in my three years of college:
  • No one feels like an adult.
  • No one has it all together.
  • It's okay to ask for help.
  • It's okay to not have all the answers.
  • Don't take things to seriously.
  • Consider how your words and actions will make others feel.
  • It's important to take breaks from work and balance work and personal life.
  • Make time for yourself and to do what you enjoy.
  • Everyone you meet knows something you don't. Really.
  • Everyone is learning as they go.
  • There's nothing wrong with making mistakes.
  • You don't know if you can do something until you try.
  • Being passionate about what you do and what you find interesting doesn't make you a dork. It makes you an enthusiastic person who's found something they love and that's a great thing.
  • Everyone wants to feel like someone cares about them. And you can be that someone.
  • The future is full of possibilities.
  • Everything will work out.
  • You can't control the future by worrying about it.

Hopefully this moment of reflection will stay with me throughout the next week and into the future. I always struggle with trying to move on to the next thing rather than enjoying the moment and appreciating what I've accomplished, how I've grown, and what I've really learned in the past few months. 

I've taught at 2 schools this semester, learned so much about the intellectual history of the United States (aka how thoughts and society have changed), reconsidered what I believe and why, realized there are lots of different ways of thinking and none is really better or more valid than the other, my relationship with my family has changed and grown more mature, strengthened my friendships, and grown more self-aware. 

Before this semester, I really hadn't considered how my ethnicity and upbringing have affected and shaped me. I hadn't realized how unique my background is. I hadn't challenged my thought process and belief systems for awhile.

I've also started this blog, bullet journaling, gotten involved in the planner community, taken control of my mental health, grown as a teacher, and I feel I've become a better person.

I hope you take a moment to consider what you've learned and accomplished recently. I hope you reflect on how you've grown and changed in the past few months.