Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Current Favorites

Life is so busy right now! I had a test this morning, a project and paper due tomorrow, Friday is my last day teaching for practicum and I'm going out with friends for a birthday, and Saturday I have my brother's high school soccer game to go to. Phew!

Here's 5 of my current favorite things during this oh-so busy end of the semester rush:

1. Listers Gotta List Challenge

I really like this challenge mad by +TheResetGirl because it can be as simple or as uber-creative as you want it to be. I can write/make my list and photograph it in 5 minutes or I can spend a half hour getting it just the way I want it. Plus, I love seeing everyone else's lists.

2. Pretty planners

I recently found out about the planner community and am very excited that other people share my addiction to planning and stationary supplies. Since seeing all of these beautifully decorated planners, I've been decorating mine and I have to say it makes looking at what I have happening that week/month so much better (and prettier).

3. The first signs of Spring

I am loving walking to class and noticing that the bushes are green again, how vibrant the grass is, and the buds on the trees. It's wonderful.

4. Small Town Architecture

On my drives from college to home, I pass through a lot of small towns. Lately I've been noticing all of the little details that make the buildings downtown so unique.

5. Studyblrs

I enjoy looking at what other people's study spaces look like and the mess of notebooks, textbooks, laptops, coffee, and notes. Studyblrs (aka Tumblrs focused on studying and school) are a really good way to get inspired and motivated.

Let's Ace Them

What are your favorites at the moment?