Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Target Shopping Haul

I love seeing pictures of people's shopping hauls on instagram, especially from Target. You can get so many cute things there and for a good price, which is super important when you're a poor college student (who loves spending money). Me and my sister went shopping on Saturday and I thought I would share some of my goodies with you all. I felt like I went a little crazy at Target since it was our first stop, but I still spent under $60.

I picked up the floral shorts I've been dreaming about all month, a mint wallet, and cheetah print sunglasses.

Of course I had to check out what kind of goodies they had in the dollar section. I picked up some pretty stationary supplies there. I made the (wonderful) mistake of following some of the instagrammers in the planner addict community, and now I'm hooked. I love organizing and stationary anyways, and now that I know there are others it's only fueling my problem.

I got a few pieces of Spring scrapbook paper, pretty dividers for my life binder, and a new polka dot accordion folder to match the mini accordion folder I got last time I was at Target. I'm using the mini accordion folder to hold the stickers I use most often for my planner and journaling, and I'm thinking I will probably use this new folder to do the same with some of the bigger sticker sets.

The dividers are so pretty with the floral designs and Spring colors. I love having them in my life binder now because they add color and personality to my binder and make me happy as I flip through it.

I'm loving the Spring colors and florals right now. I'm so excited for nicer weather that I just want to see it everywhere. 

What can you not resist getting at Target? Are you loving all the Spring styles?