Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Corner

After my Valentine's Day extravaganza with lots and lots of decorations, I was honestly expecting myself to go crazy with St. Patrick's Day decorations, too. I'm not really interested in the more traditional, shall we say, ways to celebrate St. Patty's, but I do enjoy any excuse to decorate and have a special day. That being said, there's really not that much out there for St. Patrick's Day in comparison with other holidays. I had planned to do more crafts for it, but time has just gotten away and I've been focused on other projects.

All of that lamenting about the scarcity of cute St. Patrick's Day decorations doesn't mean I don't have a little corner dedicated to the day of Green. I wouldn't dare miss a chance to have some fun with a holiday.

What I did do was really quite simple. I purchased some St. Patrick's Day stickers at the Dollar Tree and made a little picture for my holiday of the month frame. At Target's dollar spot I found this cute gold/bronze bucket that's just the right size for holding pens and markers - or candy - and a four leaf clover necklace for some extra pizzazz.

It's a good start to what's sure to be a growing collection of St. Patrick's Day decorations.

Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day? What do you put up?