Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Break Bucket List

I am so excited for Spring Break. I am beyond ready for 9 days of no classes and to finally have time to catch up on my own personal projects - like crocheting a blanket, scrapbooking, and all 20 of the things on this bucket list...

1. Do a new art/craft project.

2. Go to the movies.
3. Eat at your favorite hometown restaurant.
4. Visit family members.
5. Read a book on your personal reading list.
6. Go on a photography walk around your home, at a park, or downtown. Snap photos of all the beautiful things you walk by every day.
7. Go for a hike.
8. Try a new workout.
9. Volunteer. You can volunteer at a nursing home to visit with someone or play with  some animals at the local animal shelter.
10. Do yoga.
11. Go to the park and look for the first signs of Spring.
12. Bake a new recipe.
13. Write a letter or send a card to a friend who lives far away.
14. Look through old photo albums.

15. Redecorate your room by rearranging and with stuff you already have on hand.

16. Go for a bike ride.
17. Be a local tourist and visit museums, parks and interesting places in and around your hometown.
18. Decorate a flower pot and then plant a house plant in it.
19. Have an at-home spa day.
20. Take a day off from laptops, tablets, and cell phones.