Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Weekend Refresher

Last week was ROUGH. I felt overhwhelmed, stressed, and depressed. On Friday morning I knew I needed to do something to get me out of this rut, so I planned a "weekend retreat" for myself. I made a desire map by choosing 3 emotions I wanted to feel by the end of the weekend: peaceful, focused, and happy. I made a list of fun things I wanted to do -like scrapbooking, pinterest, and reading - and things I wanted to do so I would be able to focus - like mediatation, journaling, and cleaning.

I was done with classes for the day on Friday afternoon at 4 pm. I sat down with my iPad to meditate - which seems counterproductive, but I have a free app on it called Stop, Breathe, & Think and it is a great tool for people who want to begin a mediation practice. After that, I took some time to journal and wrote about how I felt that day (overwhelmed), how the week had been (hectic), and what I wanted this weekend to be like (a time to refocus).

During this weekend I took time to get in touch with myself by journaling and mediating. I took time to do things I love like crafting, reading, and cooking. I used Pinterest to research more about self-care and how to continue this practice into the week. I used a self-care plan I found on Google to create one that suited me and wrote things I will do during the week to take care of myself.

By Sunday I was feeling so much better. I was feeling much more centered and calm, I was hopeful for the week ahead and felt like I would be able to get through it. It can be really difficult to take time for yourself if you're a perfectionist or workaholic (like me), but it is worth it and completely necessary if you want to stay healthy.

If you're having a tough time, I totally recommend taking a weekend, or even a day, to take time to refocus yourself like this. Take time to meditate and journal, brainstorm how you want to feel and things you enjoy doing, do the things you enjoy - create, read, write, cook, bake - and learn how you can continue to do this throughout the week ahead. It's a great way to refresh yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Have you ever taken a full weekend to work on self-care after having a rough week or two? What do you do for self-care?