Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Party

I live in on campus apartments at my university and I'm a part of the residence hall council there that puts on activities and events for the complex. We had a really fun Valentine's Day party Tuesday and everyone really enjoyed it!

There are two things you need to get people to come to events: food and prizes. We did not hold back on either of those. For prizes we gave away stuffed animals and boxes of chocolate - it is a Valentine's Day party!

For food we had everyone's sweet tooth satisfied with sugar cookies, cupcakes, and candy. We also had some more substantial food like Jimmy John's sandwiches and Hawaiian Punch to drink.

Obviously if we have prizes, you have to be able to play games to win them. The first game we had was a guessing game. We called it "M&M Mystery" and all players had to do was fill out the handy dandy sheet by the bowl with a guess of how many M&Ms are in the water bottle. 

We also had a game we called "Find True Love" which involved plastic cups, tissue paper, rubber bands, and prizes. We filled the cups with either candy or a slip of paper saying that the person won a heart box of candy or a stuffed animal. It's a really simple game but it goes over super well.

We also created this fancy board for our game called "The Dice of Love." We bought 2 big dice from the dollar store and some Valentine's washi tape to decorate the trifold. Players rolled the dice and could add, subtract, multiply, or divide to get any available number on the board. This game was a real winner with all our guests.

We also had several minute-to-win-it style games. One was stacking conversation hearts on a popsicle stick that you held between your teeth and another was scooping conversation hearts out of a bowl and dumping them in a plastic cup with a spoon you hold in your mouth. We also played musical hearts instead of musical chairs. We numbered the hearts and when the song stopped we called out a number. The person standing on the number won a prize.

All the games were relatively simple and cheap to buy. The most expensive part were the prizes, but there were lots of $3 prizes we found in the Valentine's section at Walmart. We bought most of our decorations and game supplies at Dollar Tree and the decorations looked really nice.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for a Valentine's party of your own!