Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's Day DIY Decor

Next Saturday is Valentine's Day and normally I don't do too much for it because I'm always single on Valentine's Day, but this year I'm planning a Valentine's Party for my on-campus apartment complex and I personally am just enjoying the celebration of love and friendship. I started to put stuff up for Valentine's Day in January, so I am well prepared to share my little Valentine corners with you all today.

True Love's Kiss Art Print
You need: 
- Lipstick Kiss Stickers
- Simple frame
- Scissors
- White paper

I found these lipstick print stickers at Michael's and I knew immediately that I needed them in my life. I bought a simple black photo frame at Dollar Tree and came back home to start my project. 

This project is super easy and looks nice when you're done. All I did was cut out a 4x6 piece of paper and placed the stickers in 2 rows on it. Voila!

I sat it up next to the cute Valentine's notepad I got at Walmart and my decorating mug. I bought the mug at the Dollar Tree and decorate it with permanent markers to go with seasons and holidays. I never bake it so I can just clean off the writing/drawing with a Clorox wipe. For Valentine's Day I decided to go with an XOXO and hearts everywhere look for the mug.

My other Valentine's Day DIY Decor was inspired by the classic conversation hearts everyone sees around this holiday. 

Conversation Heart Bouquet
You Need:
- 2 bags of Conversation Hearts 
- A glass vase
- Heart sticks

I filled up a glass vase with the conversation hearts and placed some red hearts (intended for bouquets) in the vase as well.

When I staged my Valentine's corner on my side table, I used several paper doily hearts I had on hand to decorate the top. I have a glass heart bowl a teacher gave me when I student aided for her. I put it upside down as a stage for the Valentine Owl candle my Grandma gave me, and leaned a Be Mine mini-canvas against the conversation heart vase.

These projects turned out super cute and I barely spent any money, since I already had most of it on hand. How do you decorate on a dime for Valentine's Day?