Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's In My Backpack

The Spring Semester has begun, and so has my backpack organization. I'm a minimalist when it comes to my backpack because my back gets sore when I'm carrying around too much stuff. I'm also trying a new thing this semester - paper notes. Writing notes by hand is supposed to help put information into your brain better, so that's why there's no laptop. So far it has worked fine in my classes and I don't fall behind when taking notes, which was my biggest worry.

Front Pocket
  • Purple bag with my personal necessities including earphones, Baby Lips, hand sanitizer, and some body spray (I'm always worried about smelling good).
  • Pink pencil pouch with all of those writing necessities like pencils, pens, and highlighters.

Large Pocket
  • Folders for Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes (circles), my teaching practicum (pink), and Tuesday/Thursday classes (purple).
  • Mixtape notebook for some quirky nostalgia and note taking.

That's what I carry around all day with me. Sometimes I bring my laptop to work on homework or a textbook for a class that requires it, but since I did this on a weekend - neither of those items were in my backpack.