Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Turquoise & Pink Room

For over the past year I have had pink, black and white bedding. Over winter break I decided it was time to switch things up in my room on campus. I mostly upcycled or used things I already owned and rearranged. Here are the results!

Before & After

Change #1: Bedding

My mom loves sewing and decorating, so she volunteered to sew some new pillows for me. We spent less than $15 on the fabric and they turned out great.

We also looked through the house and found this beautiful twin size blanket which works perfectly in this room.

Change #2: Wall Art

The wall art definitely needed an update! I bought 2 canvases that were slightly bigger than the ones currently on my wall in autumn with the intention of painting them, but it just didn't happen last semester. Luckily that gave me the ability to paint the canvases a blue and add some more quotes to my wall.

Right before break I created this snowflake banner out of an old book, twine, and some pretty scrapbook paper from Michael's. I hung that up and it goes beautifully. Plus, I just love seasonal decorating.

Change #3: Desk Area

The university gives us a desk with 2 pieces. At the beginning of the year I used the top piece as a side table, but this semester I decided I would give it a try as one big giant desk. It's actually really nice, although I can't watch TV at my desk anymore.

My favorite impulse buy so far this year is this daily calendar with inspirational quotes and doodles. I love it. It feels great to tear off a page and it gives me some nice thoughts to start my mornings.

I also moved my permanent marker collection into this little bucket I got from the dollar spot at Target and have my Willow Creek angels on the top of my desk. It makes for such a cute little spot.

My inspiration wall by my desk didn't change, but it's still one of my favorite corners.

That's how I freshened up my room for the new semester. I'm really pleased with the results and think I'll keep it for awhile. 

What do you do for a small-budget room redo?