Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Winter Break in Pictures

 This winter break has been great. I've really enjoyed my time at home with my family, relaxing, and getting projects done. Over winter break I've gotten a lot of personal projects done like finishing my albums with pictures and tidbits from Costa Rica, reorganized my room, and enjoyed some much needed lazy days. Luckily, I also have pictures of some of the more interesting moments of my time at home over winter break. So let's take a look back before school starts up on Monday!

Yummy Christmas treats.

Christmas was really good this year. Some years the holidays take a lot out of me, but this season's festivities were really enjoyable and filled with lots of pretties and family time with cute babies.

Spent quality time with my cat.

Although it's unbelievable now, it was over 40 degrees on Christmas day so my family and I enjoyed a nice walk through the pasture to burn off all those delicious Christmas treats.

Looked through old photo albums.

We rang in the new year with a party I organized in a day filled with cookies, candy, noise makers, sparkles, games, and of course crafts.

We made these cute jars to fill throughout the year with ticket stubs, fun memories, and other little things we might collect throughout the year. I did this last year and I'm looking forward to doing it again this year.

Even though it's winter break, I did work on a little bit of school work. I have a practicum teaching 30 minute lessons 3 times a week, so I made lesson plans and materials for the first week of lessons and a basic outline for half of the semester.

I really wanted to get some reading done over winter break, but I didn't get past reading magazines and blog posts. Oops! I did make it to the used bookstore where I picked up some new reading material. Maya Angelou and a collection of poetry from around the world? Not bad!

I'm sad to see this break go, but I am getting excited to be back in my apartment and everyday life.

How did you spend your winter break?